Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Instagram Ate My Blog

Instagram is my obsession..and my new creative outlet.
I mean who blogs anymore?
I feel like if i want to share a thrifted find or crafty DIY I whipped up I just snap a pic and share it with my 1.3K followers that i have on Instagram. Ive connected with so many other passionate crafters, thrifters and just all around DIYers. Its amazing and I love it. 
Do you Instagram?
Follow along with me and see what I've been up to!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monogram Love from ElizaJayCharm on Etsy

Who else is obsessed with monograms besides me?
It might just be a southern thing, but I love everything of mine monogrammed!
If you are like me and love monograms, then your gonna fall head over heels in love with 
ElizaJayCharm on Etsy.
ElizaJayCharm is a super fun Etsy shop full of amazing accessories.
I met Elizabeth through Pinterest. We started chatting back and forth, then realized that we live less than 10 minutes from each other! Small world huh?
Elizabeth was so sweet, she sent me this monogrammed necklace!

Isn't it beautiful?
You can get one just like mine HERE 

Take a look at what all you can find in ElizaJayCharm shop.

circle monogram acrylic necklace

enameled chevron elegant monogram necklace

roman monogram cufflinks

Told you her shop was amazing!
Be sure to stop by and "like" ElizaJayCharms on Facebook

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Firmoo Eyewear Review


Ok, So I know I've got A LOT of explaining to do and a tons of
post to post and pictures to upload ...
but while I was away I had a amazing opportunity to review some new eyeglasses.

I chose these classic black frame glasses
I ADORE them--I've gotten so many compliments on them!

Here is a little more about the company!

Firmoo, the most popular online optical store, provides a large quantity of high-quality and fashionable
eyewear at the
most affordable prices. With years of experience, Firmoo has gained a solid reputation and trust within 470,000 fans on Facebook ( Firmoo has launched a Free for New Buyer program for the first-time buyers. The goal of this program is to make new buyers to experience Firmoo’s quality products & good service as well as to help the people with low income to correct their vision problems. Plus, it’s easy to order and the delivery is pretty fast! Want to have a try? Just go to and get your FREE eyewear!  

Visit Firmoo's Website- HERE 

Visit Firmoo on Facebook- HERE 

Visit Firmoo on Twitter- HERE 

So what DO you think??
I Love my new glasses! 
Thanks sooo much Frimoo!! 

P.S.- I PROMISE I'll upload pics from my Hawaii trip!
This has been a CRAZYYYY summer!
Love you alllll! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Thrift Store Finds For Hawaii Trip

Happy Wednesday!

I leave for Hawaii TOMORROW!!
Can you tell how excited I am?
Yesterday was my ONE year Anniversary!
Can you believe that? One year already.
Anyways..I've been running around trying to find last minute things.

Here are a few things I scored this week for my trip.

shirt + dress + 2 books = $12 Goodwill

white summer dress-OldNavy = $5 Goodwill

Hello new neon Target bikini = $28 Target

New with tags yellow Target racerback dress = $5 Goodwill

Last but not least--this one is probably my favorite-

Halter Hawaiian dress = $5 Goodwill 

This isn't all that I have thrifted this week--just a little sneak peek 

90% of my wardrobe for Hawaii is thrifted!
Can you believe that?

Make sure you follow my photos on 

See y'all in 10 days!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Motivation: Bathing Daily

Happy Monday!!

So, let the little things motivate you and please still bathe 

ps. I leave for Hawaii in 3 day!

Did you do anything FUN this weekend?

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Week In Pictures:Instagram Style

Happy Friday!

I love Instagram.
Am I the only one who is obsessed with it?
I'm doing the photo a day may photo challenge.

Here are some of my pictures this week via Instagram

morning coffee, cinnamon toast with apple butter

beautiful flowers on my walk

Day 13: My mom 

Day 14: Grass

Thrifty Goodwill Finds:
Dress, Shirt, 2 books for $12!!

Taking the dress and shirt with me to Hawaii
Which is 6 days AWAY!!!

I'm pretty much obsessed with it!

Stop by and see all the wonderful things in her shop here

Did you take any Instagram pictures?
or any pictures at all??

You can follow my pics on Instagram 
username: KeepinItThrifty 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Motivation: I'm Headed To Paradise!

Happy Monday!

On Friday my husband surprised me with a vacation.

Here are a few pictures of what I will see in less than a month!

Maui--I can't WAIT!!!!! less than 1 month away!


Yep! Were going to HAWAII!!
Maui to be exact-I'm so excited!
I can't wait! 

With our 1 year Anniversary being on the 22 of May, 
my husband thought it would be the perfect time to take our dream vacation to HAWAII!

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Please do share! we have a list of things to-do when we get out there! 
*Drive to Hana*
*Helicopter tour*
*Explore waterfalls*
*Whale watching*
*Different sand beaches*
*Amazing sunrises and sunsets*

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